Considerable reserves of underground fresh water and mineral-thermal water are found on the territory of the country. The main resources of underground high quality fresh water are found in intermountain areas. 44 deposits were explored, of which 20 are intended for drinking and household and industrial water supply, all the rest are intended for irrigation. Total amount of operating underground fresh water is 16,260.8 thousand m3/day (188m3 /day). 90% of centralized water supply and about 80% of population are provided with underground water. Northern areas of the country have more underground water, whereas water reserves in Osh Oblast (region) are considerably lower. Depletion of reserves is not observed at the most deposits.

Kyrgyzstan has rich hydrothermal resources. Approximately 100 deposits of mineral water, 30 areas of acidulous water, over 50 occurrences of warm and hot water were revealed. There is radon, sulphate, chalybeate and other types of water. Resorts are located at four deposits of mineral-thermal water (Jalal-Abad, Issyk-Ata, Ak-Suu, Jergalan), one radon-thermal deposit (Jety-Oguz). Medicinal-table water of eight deposits (Ak-Suu, Kara-Shoro, Jalal-Abad, Chatyr-Kul, Barbulak, Issyk-Ata, Furmanovskoye, Alamedin) is used for bottling. Recreation facilities and health resorts are located at some deposits (Altyn-Arashan, Alamedin, Jilisu, Cholpon-Ata, Kurskoye).

Possibilities to increase bottling and exporting clean fresh and medicinal-table mineral water are unlimited.