South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition (SKGE)

The South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition awarded with Red Banner of Labour has been operating for more than 50 years. It is engaged in geological exploration of mineral deposits. Expedition has experienced skilled professionals and uses modern technology.

Currently, the operating territory of the South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition covers the entire southern region of the Kyrgyz Republic, including Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken oblasts.

  • In the north the territory extends along the axial part of the Talas Alatau ridge, including Chatkal, Ala-Buka and Aksy districts that border Talas oblast.
  • In the east, the border of the territory runs along the axial part of the Fergana mountain range and borders Naryn oblast.
  • The southern border runs along Zaalai range, which in the area of Barrow-Daraut eraches over Alay and Turkestan ridges. The entire south side borders with Tajikistan.
  • In the west the area extends to the Aksu River, covering the Batken district, bounded from the north and south by the state borders with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Thus, the SKGE field of operations is the entire mountainous rim of the Fergana Valley, which is the pearl of Central Asia, enclosed by the highest mountain ranges covered with eternal snows and keeping in its depths the unique mineral deposits.

The main objectives of the SKGE:

  • expanding the mineral resource base of the Kyrgyz Republic by conducting comprehensive geological studies of the territory of its operations, prospecting and exploration of all types of solid commercial minerals
  • assistance in reinforcing of the state subsoil licensing system within the area the Expedition’s operations
  • collection of geological information and development of specific cartographic materials for the designated objectives
  • timely and duly implementation of public contracts on prospecting and geological exploration of mineral deposits
  • operational, financial and economic activity under business contracts with companies operating in the mining and geological industry, including foreign companies for exploration and preparation of technical documentation for development of mineral deposits

The main activities of the SKGE:

The South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition possesses highly qualified and intellectual potential and all the necessary equipment and facilities to carry out the following works and developments:

– geological survey, prospecting, evaluation and exploration of mineral deposits, development of technical projects for open mining of common mineral resources

– Processing of geological survey documentation for open mining operations, services on development of exploration and mining programmes. The Expedition conducts drilling of vertical, directional, directional and horizontal drillholes with and without core extraction, both from the surface and the underground mine workings throughout the south of Kyrgyzstan. Various designation of drillholes, i,e.

a) exploration drillholes with core extraction; the diameters of 59, 76, 93, 112, 132, 152 mm, to the depth of 1,000 m with core yield of 90-100%.

b) technical drillholes (for pumping groundwater from mine workings, ventilation, cable installation etc.)

c) water wells (exploration and production) with a diameter of 190 to 490 mm;

g) auger hole drilling (geotechnical, seismic survey) with a diameter of 70, 105, 140 mm to the depths, respectively, of 5, 10, 15 m

d) drillholes without core extraction by drill bits with diameters of 76, 93, 112, 132 mm or more, as well as oil exploration and production wells to the depth of 1,000 m

e) boreholes for blasting

g) piezometric wells in dams, tailings facilities etc. In addition to drilling, the Expedition is successfully engaged in designing and drifting of surface mine workings (adits, drifts, crosscuts, raises, crossdrifts, pits).

Besides the main activities, the expedition is accepting applications, enters into contracts for joint development and sales of mined natural stone materials of the following types:

– crushed stone for containing and bunding of rivers, dams, foundations, buildings and structures
– white and pink marble for production of decorative concrete aggregates and sand
– black picrites to produce ornamental, decorative slabs, monuments, as well as concrete aggregate, board and curbing stone
– semi-precious stones (marble onyx, amazonite etc.) for the manufacturing of gemstones products, souvenirs, gift sets, and collectors items

The Expedition provides services to businesses and individuals in the following fields of activity:

Construction of roads, dams, bridges, platforms for mudflow protection structures, power lines, tele-and-radio communication structures

– laboratory research (chemical, assay, spectral and other types of analysis)

– Transportation of people, goods, heavy equipment (bulldozers, excavators, etc.)

– topographic survey, cartographic and other geodetic works; sawing timber, carpentry goods (windows, door frames, etc.)

– cold metal work

– manufacturing of spare parts, steel structures, oil presses, rice mills and other machinery and equipment

– repair of mining and drilling equipment, bulldozers, compressors, diesel power stations, electric and diesel engines

The Expedition has in its possession the following Russian and foreign-made equipment and machinery:

– drill Rigs:  SKB-7, SKB-5, SKB-4, ZIF-1200MR, ZIF-650M, XY-42. Longyear:  L-38-98; UKB-12/25.
– mining and drifting equipment and machinery:  Loaders PPN 1C; electric locomotives AK-2U; fans VM-5M-6M VM; trolleys SVR-0.8.
– mobile diesel power stations with the capacity from 30 to 200 kW.

Functioning units:
– woodwork shop with sawmill
– maintenance shops with lathes, welding, electrical, blacksmith, repair shops

The South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition accepts orders and enters into contracts on the above listed types of work and services.