Scientific and Technical Library

The Scientific and Technical Library of the State Geology Agency was established in 1938. The library occupies two large halls, comprising the library fund and a storage room for thematic and alphabetical directories and a reading hall.  The  library fund comprises 16,000 titles of publications such as books, monographs, other publications, as well as 25,000 copies of magazines and reviews on geological topics. All the books are stored on the shelves and are systematised according to the Universal Decimal system UDS, under the following sections:

549 – Mineralogy
550.3 – Geophysics
550.4 – Geochemistry
550.8 – Applied Geology
551 – General Geology
552 – Petrography
553 – Economic Geology
556.3 – Hydrogeology
56 – Palaeontology
553 – Mineral Deposits
622 -– Drilling
061.3 – Congresses, meetings, symposia


Thematic – information on the cards is according to UDC;
Alphabetical – information on the cards is by name, patronymic name and UDC.
All the new acquisitions of books and magazines are displayed on the shelves in the reading room.

The Library Fund provides open access to both individuals and legal entities. The Library is popular with the State Geology Agency professionals and students of geological and mining specialities.

Over the last twenty years, the library fund has been replenished by periodicals from Russia, Kazakhstan and some geological literature translated into Kyrgyz and English.

Currently electronic catalogue compilation has been commenced, which will give an opportunity to make the Library operations more efficient.