Labour and industry experts

Among the many educational institutions of the KR quite a few are educating specialists for the mining industry. One of the key universities is the Institute of Mining and Mining Technologies named after Academician Asanaliev (IGDGT).  IGDGT prepares highly qualified engineering personnel at its  Exploration, Mining and Metals, Environmental and Economic Departments.

Osh Technological University (OshTU) at its Department of Geology of Minerals educates qualified specialists in three fields:  1) Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, and 2) Technology and methods of prospecting for minerals; 3) Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology. Considering the needs of non-metal industry since 2012 OshTU began to prepare the following skilled professionals:  mining technologists majoring in open pit mining.

Kyzyl-Kiya Istitute of Natural Resources and Geotecnology  under the Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov educates specialists for the mining sector.

Kyzyl-Kiya mine engineering college named after T. Kulatov also prepares specialists.  This institution, established in 1932 on the basis of the Kyzylkyya mine, through the years of its existence, has produced more than 15,000 mining professionals. Training is carried out in 13 specialties, primarily miners, builders, economists.

An Interdisciplinary Training Centre (ITC) operates under the State Agency on Geology and Mineral Resources. ISC was founded in 1993, it has a main office in Bishkek and branches in the towns of Osh and Karakol. The principal activity of the ISC is education, training and retraining of qualified personnel, engineering and technical specialists, as well as development of a modern training system for managers, professionals and skilled workers for hazardous industries.

In higher education, the department of “Physical processes of mining” under the Kyrgyz – Russian Slavic University prepares highly qualified specialists in the design and development of mineral deposits, the construction of roads in the mountains, creating dams by directional explosion, as well as the development of researches in this sphere.

Thus, the Kyrgyz Republic possesses a basis and the potential for training of qualified personnel and management for the mining industry.