Kyrgyz Methodical Geological and Economic Research Expedition

The Expedition conducts systematic and comprehensive synthesis and reinterpretation of all previously collected geological information in the light of new geological hypotheses and theories, new data on the ore-bearing areas studied, information on geology of various regions of the world. The Expedition concentrates on creation of a database of ore deposits, on collection and computer processing of the results of all kinds of research (geological, geophysical, geochemical). As a result, comprehensive maps of minerals are being produced with reliable forecasts and specific recommendations for the effective conduct of field exploration. Experts from other national organizations specifying in geologically-related fields are being involved into this work (KGMI, IG NAS of the Kyrgyz Republic, and others). As part of developing integration processes with the geologists of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and China, extensive research on the history of geological processes in the Central Asian region is being conducted in order to predict new deposits of various kinds of raw materials, particularly, oil and gas. Cooperation with the expert geologists from the neighbouring states allows maintaining exploration operations at the highest professional level.

With the transition of the industry to market relations information activities acquire a significant role in the work of KMGERE. Reference materials published comprise the following: “Coal deposits”, “Mineral Resources of nonmetallic minerals” (2 volumes), “Gold of Kyrgyzstan” (2 volumes), a brief encyclopedia “Geology” (in Kyrgyz language) and a collection of “Mineral resources base of the Kyrgyz Republic at the turn of the transition to a market economy “; a series of issues on certain types of minerals (17 issues), 25 business plans were developed for various commercial minerals.

Great attention has been recently paid to expanding the number of potential consumers of information products in order to attract domestic and foreign investors’ interest to the mineral resource base of Kyrgyzstan. Through the use of modern technology, extensive work was carried out on promoting the information on both the Geological Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, and of mineral resources of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, collection, systematisation, and publishing of information related to the work of the state geological services around the globe, those of mining companies, modern methods of operations in the mining industry is being carried out, as well as following the dynamics of prices for different types of metallic and non-metallic minerals.