Integrated Kyrgyz Hydrological Expedition

The main objectives of the Expedition are the following:

  • Prospecting and exploration for underground fresh, thermal and mineral water
  • Hydrogeological, geotechnical and other specialized geological and hydrogeological work
  • Drilling of wells by requests of clients, water wells service and maintenance
  • Other activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Design development for hydrogeological, engineering and hydrogeological work and  well drilling for groundwater on a contractual basis
  • Preparation of hydrogeological information materials for the requirements of potential users
  • Provision of transportation and other services not prohibited by law

The Expedition performs the following operations:

  • Prospecting and exploration, hydrogeological work for water supply of urban areas, industries, rural settlements, for irrigation of farming and grazing lands
  • State Water Registry management under the section “Groundwater”
  • Design, drilling, production and maintenance of water wells, including wells of thermal mineral waters, on a contractual basis at the customers’ expense (enterprises, rural, farming and individual entities etc.)
  • Geo-environmental studies, geotechnical and hydrogeological survey, groundwater status assessment for their protection from pollution and depletion, conducting regional surveillance over the groundwater regime over the stationary wells network
  • Survey of engineering and geological condition of dams bunding the alpine lakes of Kyrgyzstan for mudflow hazard forecasting
  • Study and forecasting of processes of groundwater flooding; studying of landslide processes for forecasting and prevention of disastrous events
  • Development of narratives, methods and requirements for hydrogeological studies, applied to modern industrial conditions  in the Kyrgyz Republic with approval of the State Geology Agency
  • Manufacturing of consumer goods and services for the population and various organizations on water supply and other services not prohibited by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

All the Expedition’s activities are carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and on the basis of licenses (in activities subject to licensing).