Bishkek Experimental Plant of Mining and Exploration Machinery

The Plant was founded in 1948 as the CMS (Central Maintenance Shops), an independent division of the Office of the Kyrgyz SSR specialising on maintenance of geological and mining equipment, vehicles, manufacturing of parts and tools for the mining and geological operations.

In the same year a machine shop was built, together with office buildings, assembly and maintenance shops and the storage facilities.

In 1952 CMMS was renamed FMMP (Frunze Mechanical and Maintenance Plant).

In 1958 a number of principal and auxiliary buildings and structures were commissioned and manufacturing of exploration machinery was launched, such as jaw crusher DSCH 150 x 100, roller crusher DV and other equipment.

In 1960, several designated service buildings were constructed along with the main shop for manufacturing of drilling masts with the appropriate fittings.

In 1966 CMMS was renamed FMMP (Frunze Mechanical and Maintenance Plant). Under the same functions the plant started producing drilling masts MRUGU-1 for organizations of the USSR Ministry of Energy.

Since 1969, the plant was renamed in FEPPMEE (Frunze Pilot Plant for Mining and Exploration Equipment). From that year, the plant expanded its production line and began to produce pilot equipment such as MRUGU-2 PMSH-1, KSH-1.

Since 1972, the nomenclature of the plant expanded with the release of products such as:   drill mast MRUGU-3, laboratory crusher HPDC DGSCH 100×60, 160h100, motorized shaft lifts PMSH-2M, SH-2, UKORP, diverters TK-3-73.

In these years, the plant began to supply its products MRUGU – 18/20 to Algeria, Angola, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Cuba, Iraq.
Since 1987, the nomenclature of the plant incorporated new products. These were drilling masts MRUGU-6, MP-4, MBR-4 K-9-14, MBR-5K-9-14, MBRP 5K-9-14, helicopter containers for transportation of oxygen cylinders, explosives for organizations of the USSR Ministry of Geology, working in the remote areas of Siberia. Also was added production of crushers DSCH400h250, 160h100 DMD, orienting console OP-3-76, automatic unit DPU-1 for automatic affixing of cigarette excise stamps, fruit-stone crushing machine KDM-1, knife mill for grinding plastics, ODS-1 (orthogonal disc stone-cutting machine).

In 1991 the plant was renamed into Bishkek Experimental Plant of Mining and Exploration Machinery.

Since the founding of the plant its productshave been delivered to all organizations of the USSR Ministry of Geology, conducting mining and geological operations in all regions of the USSR, as well as in other industries, such as the Ministry of Coal Industry, Ministry of the Industrial Construction Materials, Ministry of the Heavy Industry of the USSR.  Over the last 10-12 years, the plant, renewing its old business connections, continues to deliver its production to Belarus, as well as to various regions of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. Some of the products were supplied to England.

The Plant participates in all industrial and other exhibitions held in the territories of the CIS.  In 1999 it took part in the International Exhibition “Kyrgyzstan – Infrastructure-99.” It participated in the exhibition held in 2000 in St. Petersburg, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Mining and Geological Service of Russia; in 2001 – the exhibition “10 years of CIS: The interaction potential” in Moscow.

All the exhibitions brought awards and diplomas to the Plant.