Banking system

The banking system of the Kyrgyz Republic is a two-tier system in which the first level of the system is represented by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the second – by the commercial banks. The objective of the National Bank is to achieve and maintain pricing stability through the appropriate credit and monetary policy. In accordance with this objective the main aim of the Bank of Kyrgyzstan is to maintain the purchasing power of the national currency, ensuring efficiency, safety and reliability of the banking and payment system in the country in order to promote long-term economic growth of the country.

A list of current banking institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic: 

  Name of Bank 
1 Bishkek branch of the National Bank of Pakistan
2 “BTA Bank” Closed Joint Stock Company
3 “DemirKyrgyz International Bank” Closed Joint Stock Company
4 “Microfinance Bank” Bai-Tүshүm and Partners” Closed Joint Stock Company
5 “Bank of Asia” CJSC
6 “Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank” CJSC
7 “Manas Bank” CJSC
8 “Tolubai” CJSC AKB
9 “Aiyl Bank”JSC
10 “Akylinvestbank” JSC
12 “EcoIslamicBank” JSC
13 “Kyrgyzstan Commercial Bank” JSC
14 “KyrgyzCredit Bank” JSC
15 “RSK Bank” JSC
16 “FinanceCreditBank KAB” JSC
17 “Khalyk BankKyrgyzstan” JSC
18 “EcoIslamicBank” JSC
19 “UniCredit Bank” JSC
20 “Issyk-Kul” Investment Bank JSC
21 “Amanbank” JSC RK
22 “Rosinbank” Open Joint Stock Company
23 “Kazkommertzbank Kyrgyzstan” Open Joint Stock Company