The Geological Archive stored the primary field materials and projects for all types of geological studies of subsoil. Primary field data had been obtained as a result of geological work in the course of field research under projects designated for certain areas. The primary geological materials kept in the Geological Archive contain data mainly related to the north of the Republic. The primary field materials related to the South of the country are kept by the South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition. The primary field materials for the licensed areas are stored in the Geological Archive.

The primary field materials correspond to the relevant geological reports. Each report contains a list of primary materials, which indicates all the field materials submitted to the geological archive under the said report. An electronic catalogue is arranged for all the materials stored in the Geological Archive.

All the materials of the Geological Archive are recorded in the inventory logbooks. An electronic catalogue is made for all the projects registered in the Geological Archive. The materials not related to the reports can be found in the electronic catalogue and the inventory logbooks.

In addition, the archive comprises the Geological project documentation for all the Geology Agency subordinate units in regards to all types of work on the budget and the licensed areas. The project documentation is subject to destroyed after 20 years of storing. However, the projects having current practical value are not destroyed. An electronic catalogue is made for all the projects registered in the Geological Archive.

The electronic catalogues allow to find any material registered in the Geological Archive.
The first inventory records date back to 12.08.1949.

As of 01.06.2013, an inventory number 1001 was registered, thus making the total of 72,119 units of primary geological documentation stored at the Geological Archive. 1646 inventory numbers have been registered for geological projects.

The collected materials are issued for studying, scanning; they are undergoing restoration and are kept for future generations. The accumulated geological material is priceless.